Rescued From A Dark Basement 15 Years Ago, These Weird Brothers Have Been Inseparable Until Now

15 years ago these 3 unusual brothers were rescued from a drug dealer who kept them as status symbol while they were just babies. Out in the wild, the three would probably never meet because they live continents apart, but having been through a lot together, the “BLT” trio as they are affectionately called by the visitors managed to find a way to live in harmony at the Noah’s Ark animal sanctuary.

The sanctuary charges no admission fees for the visitors who want to see the motley crew of its inhabitants and relies heavily on donations. If you like what they do and would like to help, you can do it HERE

Edit: Unfortunately, death parts even the strongest of friendships and we’re sad to report that Leo the lion has moved onto green pastures in the sky. RIP Leo

I already did
I already did