Couple Discovers Bear Moving Strangely – When They Realized Why, They React With Lightning Speed

Bears are dangerous animals and we know better than to get too close. Despite this, they are still live creatures who deserve our utmost respect. Likewise, if one were ever to be in trouble, we must help.

When this couple saw one of these amazing animals roaming around the neighborhood they did what any of us would – they ran. But something about this bear seemed off. When they got into the car and looked back at the bear, what they saw made them run out of their car and straight towards him.

It wasn’t walking straight, but instead was swaying back and forth.

The bear got a bit closer to them – and that’s when they could see what was wrong.

The black bear had somehow ended up with what appeared to be an old bucket stuck over its head. It was desperately trying to shrug it off – with no luck.

That’s when they realized what it was they had to overcome their fear and help the distressed animal. Even so, catching and rescuing it was a difficult task so much so I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

They tried to approach the bear, but he ran away from them, distressed.

They finally managed to catch up and hold the bear down, and began to cut the bucket with a saw.

Luckily, the bear was not a huge adult just yet, and that made the deed easier. After several minutes of work, they managed to saw the bucket off the bear’s head. Finally free, the bear quickly rushed back into the forest.

Dean and Samantha, along with other passerbys, stood and watched as the bear ran away.

I can only imagine how satisfied that must have felt – to know you played a part in rescuing an innocent animal. For me, this couple’s intervention is nothing short of heroic!

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I already did
I already did