Creature Found In New Hampshire Is Like Something Out Of A Fairy Tale

Thousands of animal species call New Hampshire their home. However the creature a Lempster resident Sue Lichty discovered just outside her house is so rare, you can definitely describe this as “once in a lifetime” encounter.

At first she thought it was a white cat running through a tall grass, but when she came a little bit closer she was stunned by how magical the animal looked.

It stood out between the blades of grass like a sore thumb and it appeared completely out of place. At first I was concerned that the lack of camouflage would make him an easy prey for the predators, but soon I realized it had enough protection.

Snowy white with thousands of sharp quills, albino porcupine occurs only once in 10000.

Even though holding one can be extremely painful, I still want to hug this one so bad.

I already did
I already did