He’d Never Been Touched By A Human, But Watch When They Start To Shave Him

This is one of the most beautiful stories I have ever seen in my life. Unfortunately, a lot of animals end up living in the street, forced to survive all alone, and very often spend their lives being neglected and harmed.

Thanks to the amazing people at organizations like Hope For Paws a lot of animals get a chance for a normal life, life with love, family, care and a home. This video is about Benji, poor dog who lived his whole life in the street and who was in a very bad condition, matted and terrified of humans. Watch his transformation and your faith in humanity will be restored. I’m not crying, I just have something in my eye.

“After Lisa and I secured Benji, we got to take a close look him. Physically: he was so badly matted, covered with ticks and fleas, he bit his tongue as he was struggling to escape from us, so you’ll see a little bleeding – nothing serious. Mentally: Benji was living on the streets all his life, so human contact was so hard for him to get used to. After a 2 or 3 hours of grooming and medical care, he continued to Lisa Chiarelli’s house where for 10 days he almost didn’t move… frozen, always looking for a place to hide, and not wanting anyone to touch him. As usual, Lisa’s Pit Bull mixes – Lola and Frankie, decided to help Benji overcome his fears, and the result will make you so happy!!!”

I already did
I already did