Dog Dressed In Suit Posts To Facebook Searching For His Adopted Siblings

Adopting a puppy is amazing for so many reasons, but there’s another side to it. Unfortunately, when a puppy gets adopted, he gets separated from his siblings and they never get to see each other again. But sometimes, if you’re persistent enough, life is going to give you a shot.

When Corie Gemmiti was looking through some old photos of her pooch Frito, she found a photo of him and all of his siblings when they were puppies and she came up with a fantastic idea how to reunite them. Corie took to Facebook where she posted a photo of Frito dressed up in a suit and asked people to help look for his brothers and sisters in a hope they would reunite again and have a play date. Amazingly, four out of six called back!

It’s going to be a heck of a family reunion!

I already did
I already did