Man Drops His Dog Off At The Shelter For Being ‘Too Affectionate’

Is there such thing as “too much affection” and if there is, isn’t it that the reason why we love our pets? How can we resist them when they want to cuddle, when they kiss us or happily wag their tails when we get home? Apparently, not everybody enjoys that. One man left his dog at the shelter because as the owner said: “She always wants to be by my side”.

Fortunately, that was a good thing, because people at the shelter discovered that the pup had some anxiety issues because she was biting the couch and the cushions. This story got its happy ending because this sweet pooch eventually found a family who loved how affectionate she is and who was able to get some help for her anxiety… On top of that she even got a doggy sister.

After the rain, the sun really does comes up.

I already did
I already did