Confused Owner Learns Why His Adopted Dog Watches Him Sleep Every Night

Dogs are very emotional beings. Once they connect with someone, they put all of their trust and love into that person, and breaking that trust can have long lasting consequences. That’s why dogs should be treated as a part of the family and you must never neglect their feelings.

The man in this video adopted this beautiful Golden Retriever from a shelter, but the pup was showing some strange behavior. Every night before they’d go to bed he would watch them until they fall asleep, so the man became very concerned for the dog’s health. First he took him to the vet but they found nothing wrong with him, but when he returned to the shelter he adopted him from they shared a disturbing piece of information that explained everything. It broke his heart.

I have no idea why some humans think of the pets as they are toys that can be rid of and abandoned whenever it suits them. It’s a terrible offense against these noble creatures.

I already did
I already did