Hunter Spots An Elk Stuck In Barbed Wire. Then He Takes Aim And Does The Last Thing You’d Expect

This is the only video of a hunter pointing his gun at an elk and pulling the trigger we’re ever going to share. The reason for it is that the outcome is the last thing you expect to happen.

This dude was having a walk when he saw a heart-wrenching sight. An elk entangled his antlers in some wire and was so exhausted he almost gave up fighting. As if he didn’t care the animal was trapped the man took his gun and pointed it at a tortured animal.

I thought it was going to be a mercy kill and I could barely watch as he pulled the trigger, but instead of a deer falling to the ground dead, what happened is incredible.

Gunshot is the last thing many elks hear in their lives, so this beautiful animal was obviously confused that not only was he still standing, he was free from the wire that kept him from running away in the first place.

Sure, I can imagine his ears were ringing but he was completely unharmed.

It was a second chance he needed and he took it without hesitation. Within seconds he was on his way towards the woods where hopefully he’ll never meet another human being again. Kudos to this man for doing the right thing.

I already did
I already did