Freezing Bird Trapped On Car Roof Rescued By Perfect Guy

Now, when you can’t turn your TV on without hearing about the next shooting or war, stories which show us good people who are ready to do everything to save a helpless animal can restore your faith in humanity. Fortunately, we at Viraless prefer that kind of stories, stories that brighten your day and put a smile on your face, and here’s one that got us extra emotional.

A man was driving down the road in Norway when he heard scratching on the roof of his car, so he pulled over and found something he didn’t expect to find. A little bird was trapped up there and after a 30 mile ride it was almost frozen to death. The poor bird was barely moving so something had to be done fast.

Knowing that there’s a little bird alive and well somewhere in Norway after nearly freezing to death makes me feel there’s still kindness left in people and that’s something worth sharing with the world.

I already did
I already did