Friendly Duck Appears Out Of Nowhere To Cheer Up A Heartbroken Dog

Dogs are very loyal and committed animals, therefore once they bind to someone, they stay with them for the rest of their life. When they lose that special someone it affects them in a way we can’t even imagine and it leaves very deep emotional scars.

George had a horrible misfortune of losing his best friend Blackie the Lab and ever since he just hasn’t the same pup.

Grief and depression were too much to bear. As his owner said:

“He’s almost died twice. He doesn’t eat, starves himself, suffers from anxiety and a multitude of skin conditions from chewing on himself”.

However, one day out of nowhere a little someone walked into his life and changed everything. A tiny duck waddled right in and brought happiness into George’s life. She never leaves him, they cuddle and sleep together. Maybe Blackie found a way to be with his friend again.

I already did
I already did