Goat Lifeless, Refusing To Eat. Then Rescuers Find Out Why He’s So Heartbroken

Not only do animals have emotions, they’re able to feel more than many people realize. This is a story of one amazing and very unlikely friendship between a burro named Jellybean and a goat called Mr. G.

These two were found living in terrible conditions with an owner who was an animal hoarder. Mr. G and Jellybean were eventually rescued but unfortunately no one realized how strong the bond between them was and they were taken to different animal shelters. Mr. G’s new family wasn’t able to figure out why he didn’t want to eat for 6 days and he was just lying in the corner. They decided to bring Jellybean over because they figured out that goat’s behavior had to be related to that.

And their encounter? OMG, it was so emotional! When Mr. G made sure his friend was finally with him again, he showed his true, bright personality and I couldn’t believe it, but he started eating again!

I already did
I already did