Grandma Tries To Pick Up The New Baby, But What Dog Does Next Will Have You In Stitches!

When you are the first child in the family, life is gooood. Everybody buys you presents and candy and all the love and attention is directed only to you. That’s why getting a baby sibling can turn your world upside down.

This cute dog’s reaction to a new baby is hilarious (or rather his reaction to the lack of attention, LOL). Seriously, it will have you in stitches! He is prepared to do anything just to have his humans notice him. That means he is ready to act like a baby too and pull his mommy away from the newcomer just so he could get some cuddles too. This video is a perfect example what siblings rivalry looks like.

Either way, I thing he and his human baby brother will become best friends in no time.

I already did
I already did