He Was Sleeping Outside The Animal Shelter In Hopes Of Finding His Lost Dog

When your pet gets lost it’s like a member of your family goes missing. You imagine it wandering the streets all alone, hungry and thirsty and the only thing you want to do find it as soon as possible. It’s very hard to do anything else but look and hope it’s safe and sound.

It’s even harder when you’re homeless and your dog is one of your only friends. The photo of a man sleeping on a sidewalk went viral recently but the story behind it is even more heart-wrenching that it initially seemed. The man lost his dog and he was so desperate and scared that he slept outside the animal shelter in hope that the pup would somehow miraculously show up there. Fortunately, thanks to social media his furry friend was found and the eagerly anticipated reunion was finally possible. The moment they meet again was so emotional and beautiful it brought tears to my eyes.

Scroll down for the video and thanks everyone for sharing this emotional story.

Source: Facebook


I already did
I already did