Every Day This Man Drives For Hours With 3,000 gallons of Water – But now watch when he lets the water flow

The shortage of water is a big problem in the Africa and it’s not just the humans that are affected by it. Animals suffer immensely in the dry season as they are trying to navigate between waterholes in the scorching heat. Aware of this, one amazing man decided to help them get the water they need.

Patrick Mwalua buys 3,000 gallons of water every day and drives for miles just so he can supply the animals with clean drinking water. Even though this man, known by the locals as “the waterman of Voi”, has problems of his own including medical issues and being unemployed, that doesn’t stop him from saving the ecosystem and the thirsty wildlife of the savanna one animal at the time.

Patrick Mwalua is a true hero, one of the unsung angels you won’t read about in history books!

I already did
I already did