Man Drove 20 Hours Straight To Kiss The Dog He Thought Was Dead

Dave Kareken knew how much his dog Kali, a Golden Retriever/Collie mix loved the outdoors, but now he knows just how capable she is in the wild.

They were hiking near Rebecca Falls, on a border between Minnesota and Canada when Kali misjudged her jump and fell into the rapids. Dave tried to save her but the river was just too fast. Brokenhearted, he had to abandon the rescue mission and return home without her. He thought there was no way Kali would have survived on her own in the Canadian wilderness, but a phone call Kareken got 10 days later made him jump into his car and drive for 20 hours straight to a campsite where campers found his dog. She was a bit hungry but otherwise doing well.

This is her and the moment she saw her owner for the first time after 10 days in the wild. Made me tear up.

I already did
I already did