Man Out in Kayak Hears Strange Splashing Behind His Kayak, Discovers The Most Heartbreaking Scene

When you are out in the ocean, swimming or surfing or kayaking, you would probably expect to see some fish, a turtle perhaps, or if you are really lucky – a dolphin. And it is awesome seeing these beautiful sea creatures in their natural environment, but what the guy in this video saw while he was kayak fishing was neither beautiful nor natural.

It was a gorgeous day for fishing, but something completely incredible happened. The man thought he heard splashing behind him and when he looked back he saw a dog. Not a fish or a dolphin, but a dog. The poor pup was scared and with traces of blood all over him. What would a pup do in the middle of the water, swimming toward the kayak?

After scanning the dog’s microchip the man later found out his name was Barney and he belonged to Ms Chan, 53, who unfortunately died only a mile away that day after being hit by a drunk driver. Barney was there when the accident happened and was so traumatized he just kept running. Barney was returned to Ms Chan’s husband and children and he’s recovering. What a brave boy.

I already did
I already did