Man Thinks He Recognizes 13-Year-Old Basset Hound At Shelter, Reunites With Her After 10 Years Apart

When Jamie Carpentier lost custody of his Basset Hound Ginger after a bitter divorce battle 10 years ago he swore he’ll never have another dog. However, recently he felt compelled to browse through a local Humane Society website and saw a dog that looked oddly familiar, albeit a lot older. When he saw her name, he immediately drove there.

The name on the tag was Ginger. As soon as she got her first scratch behind ear Ginger recognized Jamie and it was clear that it was the same dog. But how did she get there?

Jamie didn’t know, but soon after their divorce, his ex-wife had given up Ginger to a shelter. She was adopted by an elderly couple who gave her a loving home, but after not being able to take care of her any more, they gave her to Humane Society only 3 months before her ex-owner saw her pictures online. What are the chances of that?

I already did
I already did