Optical Illusion Blows Cat’s Mind, Hilarious Freakout Ensues

We, the humans, with our poor eye sight and inferior brains are often amused by tricking both of those organs with simple optical illusion such as this one. It’s called “rotating snakes” and even though the image itself is static, you can print it out and try it for yourself, it appears as if the circles rotate relative to your eye movements.

But we’re just humans. Surely the cats with their superhuman eyes would not find this amusing at all… right? Well, apparently it works for the cats as well. This kitty’s owners had a copy of this image printed out and soon they discovered the cat was very focused on it. You can see it trying to figure out where the snake actually is before going into full predator mode, LOL.

I need to try this on my kitty. Watch the hilarious video below…

I already did
I already did