She Brings An Elderly Pit Bull On Stage. Now Watch What He Does To Ellen…

Those of you who watch Animal Planet may have heard of Tia Torres. She’s a lady who managed to take two things society didn’t want to accept and joined them together into one amazing project. Her non-profit connects abandoned Pit Bulls who people think are too aggressive and ex-convicts in a dog rehabilitation center unlike any other.

Few years ago Tia’s efforts have been recognized by Ellen who invited her on her show to talk about her mission, and along with her came Snorkie, one of the Pit Bulls in need of adoption. The interview was going fine until Snorkie came in and then he totally stole the show.

Just take a look at that face… that is the face of a dog who was rescued on Christmas day after someone threw him away like a piece of trash. I’d take him any day.

I already did
I already did