Playful Bears Find A Balloon, Have The Best Day Of Their Lives

You wouldn’t really expect a bunch of big strong bears enjoying a delicate pink balloon so much but when you see these three fellas acting like a group of kids, it’s like the most natural thing.

Xaviera Simons shared the video she took at Beekse Bergen safari park in Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands on Facebook back in March and it quickly went viral. Not only did these bears show a childlike obsession for balloons, but at one point they even walked on their hind legs like humans which gives this video an extra layer of adorable.

I’ve never been a big fan of bears. Like most people I fear most animals that can effortlessly shred you to pieces, but I have to admit, seeing their playful side, they’re just adorable. Is there anything more unlikely to appear in a video than these giant strong beasts and pink balloons?

This is what I imagine Baloo from the jungle book would look like in real life.

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I already did
I already did