POKEMON GO Craze Is Out Of Control, But This Animal Shelter Finds A Way For Their Dogs To Benefit From It. AWESOME.

POKEMON GO epidemics is officially in full swing with people all over the world roaming aimlessly with their phones in hands trying to catch virtual monsters. The augmented reality app has been released only days ago, but already it’s number one topic on social media. Even though it’s a good thing a mobile phone app is getting people OUT of their homes for a change and interacting with each other, it’s not exactly the most productive way of spending your afternoon. One Indiana animal shelter has found an ingenious way of using the Pokemon Go craze for their dogs’ benefit.

Pokemon Go

Muncie animal shelter posted this ad on Facebook yesterday looking for Pokemon Go players willing to go on a quest with a canine companion. Having a phone in one hand and a leash in another sounded like a reasonable idea, but nothing could prepare them for the response they received. Several news stations has picked up the story as well as most of social media and it is now going VIRAL with thousands of people volunteering.

Whether the dogs like catching Pokemons or not is unclear, but one thing is for sure, they love getting their daily exercise.

Watch the full report on Pokemon Go dog walks below:

I already did
I already did