Rescuers Save 500 Puppies From Puppy Mills. Then Every Single Puppy Gets Adopted

This video proves that no matter how many bad people there are in the world, the kindness always prevails.

Puppy mills focus solely on profit, rather than the well-being of the animal, causing many of the dogs to be inbred which, in turn, make them more prone to health and genetic conditions. Additionally, many of these pups are ripped away from their mothers and fellow siblings at birth and tend to develop behavioral anxiety and fearfulness. Victoria Sitwell, along with the help of the Cherokee County Animal Shelter and Marshal’s Office, took on this puppy mill that kept over 500 dogs in overcrowded, unsafe, and unsanitary conditions.

Six weeks after relocation all the puppies were ready for adoption and the response of the public was so mind-blowing it made me tear up

I already did
I already did