As A Rhino Is About To Charge, An Elephant Tricks Him With Nothing But A Stick!

In the wild, it always survival of the fittest, and just because the elephants are the biggest animals out there it doesn’t mean that they’re safe.

However, apart from their size, they have another ace up their sleeve… their brain.

In this incredible video, two elephants came face to face with an aggressive rhino. It could have been a battle of the Titans, but while the rhino was looking for a fight, one of the elephants found a way to outsmart him. He knew that even though rhinos have excellent hearing, their eyesight is poor, so first, he tried to confuse him by balancing a stick on his trunk and when his opponent began charging he did something incredible.

The elephant threw the stick to the side. The sound of it falling to the ground startled the rhino who probably thought there were more elephants behind him and quickly withdrew.

I already did
I already did