Everyone Ignored This Scared Shelter Dog Until He Showed Up. Wait Till You See Her Now…

If you ever need a reminder that adopting a dog is the best thing you can do – watch this video. This dude wanted to get a dog so his rescue pup Weezie back at home would have someone to play with. Among all the pups in the shelter eager to find a home, he saw HER, Noodles.

Sitting alone in the corner, sad and with a long list of medical conditions, it was obvious she wouldn’t survive for too long without some love and care. The guy took a chance and introduced her to Weezie and the most magical thing happened. The two pooches bonded like two long lost friends, and even though she’s still scared of loud noises, Noodles is nothing like that depressed pup that left the shelter that day.

Thank you, sir, for rescuing and loving her. She’s adorable.

I already did
I already did