Sick Homeless Dog Had Completely Given Up Hope, But Watch What Difference Love Can Make

I’m not the type of person who cries easily, but holy smokes I cried a river watching this. To see an innocent living soul suffer so much to a point where it doesn’t even care if it lives or dies is the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever seen. Luckily, Animal Aid India found this beautiful boy in the nick of time, he was curled up by the side of the road with his skin in such bad condition no one even wanted to come near him. But that is not the end of this story, being rescued was just the first day of the rest of his life for this pooch.

The good people of Animal Aid first had to take care of the most urgent medical needs, like get him hydrated and treat his mange, and rebuild his trust of humans, but after few months of much needed TLC you wont be able to recognize this cutie.

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I already did
I already did