Their Pup Is Acting Strange Around Window, Family Takes Closer Look And Eyes Go Wide

When you see a Boxer you can’t imagine they could be afraid of anything. They look so strong, athletic and confident, so you count on them being fearless too, right? After watching this video you will think twice about that, LOL.

As far as we can tell, this cute Boxer may be the most courageous dog in the world, but it turns out he has a weak spot, something that puzzles and intrigues him as much as it scares him and I couldn’t believe what it is. Yes, he is terrified of a feather! You can see him observing it carefully, then fearfully approaching, until he gathered enough strength to finally touch it.

Maybe he picked up a bird’s scent and thought it was alive. Either way, I can’t stop laughing!

I already did
I already did