This Horse Was Just Born And Everyone Is Talking About Him. One Look And You’ll See Why!

Yes, Microdave is a horse but he’s the cutest looking horse you have ever seen and he is on his way to the Guinness Book of Records.

With a father named Little Dave, no one expected Microdave to break any height records but still everyone was shocked when they measured a little foal at miniscule 12 inches. Even though he’s grown a bit since he was born he’s still closer in size to a dog than a horse. With an average height of an American miniature foal of 21 inches, his owners are hoping their tiny stallion would be able to break a record for the World’s smallest horse.

If there was a record for the World’s cutest horse, I think Microdave’s already broken it. Just look at this guy.

I already did
I already did