Man Drops Down To The Floor Next To His Puppy. Get Ready To See Their Amazing Interaction

Holy Shih Tzu, this has to be the most adorable pup ever.

I mean, seriously, can you imagine behaving any differently than this guy when playing with this bouncing ball of fur?

You can be some tattooed scary tough guy, but when you’re around this pup, you roll on the floor and bark in your high pitch voice, that’s how cute it is.

With a wagging tail, wiggling body, and licking tongue, the puppy worms his way into his human’s arms and heart. Watching him squirm and wriggle as he dances around his owner’s face brings a smile not only to the man on the floor, but is sure to evoke one from you as well.

They should sell these things as anti depressants. They’d probably be more effective and they sure take less space than a bottle of pills. I need one of these in my life right now. So awesome.

I already did
I already did