Two Birds Lock In An Epic Tug-Of-War Over A Piece Of Meat. When They Try To Break Them Apart? HILARIOUS.

Kookaburras are probably one of the most amazing bird species out there but I never knew being stubborn is one of their traits. Well, maybe it isn’t so for the entire species but these two birds locked in a hilarious tug of war over a piece of meat are the most stubborn creatures I have ever seen.

They were so focused on not letting go that the guy filming them was able to do some incredible things with them. At first I thought it was the only piece of meat around, but keep watching till the end and you’ll see, the tug of war was never really about the food, it was a matter of winning, LOL.

Legend has it they’re still locked in that position. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life.

I already did
I already did