Two Dogs Meet Kitten For The First Time, So Mom Decides To Record It

There’s a certain natural animosity between cats and dogs (or at least that’s what the cartoons keep telling us), but as it usually goes, in real life it only lasts until they get to know each other better. They can become very close and they can play, cuddle and love like true best friends do. Of course, to make that possible it takes time, determination and a lot of patience.

These two dogs were enjoying the luxurious life where they ruled the house and had the undivided attention of their humans when one day they found themselves surrounded by kittens. Naturally, they didn’t like it one bit. Would you? They came out of nowhere all cute and fluffy and started sleeping in their beds and playing with their humans. As far as Buster and Wally were concerned, that just wasn’t right. Well, one adorable kitty decided that her canine room mates HAVE TO love her and she was going to try everything to get close to them in any way possible.

This is so cute, you have to see this story.

I already did
I already did