Veteran Decides To Commit Suicide And Goes For Last Smoke, Then Hears Rustling In Bushes

Heroes come in different shapes and forms, but what’s common to all of them is that they perform a miracle and they change, even save our lives. However, the most important thing is that they give us hope. These angels show us love and teach us to give love back to other beings that need help. They teach us how to become heroes ourselves.

This video made me cry more than I’ve ever wept before, it’s such a powerful and inspirational story. A soldier who came home from a battlefield in Iraq with traumatic injuries in a mortar attack, was hopeless and alone. One day, when he realized that he couldn’t take it anymore he decided to end it all. He wrote a letter and went outside for one last smoke and then the most miraculous thing happened – an angel meowed right into his life.

Watch this incredible story!

I already did
I already did